Metrological optical instrument

Our "Handy Scan" laser scanner is one of the most performing instruments in the 3D scanning industry. This metrological optical instruement is calibrated and certified for an exactitude of 50um (0.00020"). The scanner allows us to retrieve geometrics from any shape, material, color or texture. Furthermore, 3D scanning can be applied to objects of any size very small or very large (up to the sizing of a car). The output file is compatible with most of 3D software and can be saved in around fifteen different types of file formats.



Reverse Engineering

In addition to 3D scanning, we also offer our clients solid reconstruction of 3D object geometry. Our 3D modeling skills paired with powerful software allows us to clearly stand out from the competition. Trust us, we can generate Class-A and Class-B models that will flawlessly work with your design software,.




Inspection & Quality Control

Our scanner's high accuracy enables to verify and measure precisely geometrics from a real object. Superimposing Scan results with a 3D design, we can generate a detailed inspection report, quantitatively demonstrating fabrication deviation results.