Founded in 2006, Intelligraph's success mainly comes from our creativity, our expertise in modeling complex 3D geometry, our care for slight details, our craftsmanship and our stylish, purely shaped creations.



Our business model and philosophy

Our business relationships and interventions will always be marked with loyalty and irreproachable professionalism. We are committed to maximising our efforts to meet your needs, in your interest. Meeting our deadlines, delivering high-quality work, being available for our customers and keeping your projects confidential are only some of the ways to apply our philosophy.


Consultation, Studies & Recommandation

In addition to the numerous services described on our website, we also offer customized consulting services for all your technical and technological needs. We can also help you make better decisions while your business is acquiring new technology.


Being a service business, we have no agreement with third party software, CNC machine or tools. This will ensure that we will help you choose the best solution on the market, specifically for your needs.




We mainly use one of the most powerful engineering software suite, SIEMENS NX (Unigraphics) for all of our design, conception, 3D Modeling and CNC programming (3-5 axes) workflow. We also have the knowledge to work with the following software : I-Deas, Cadkey, Autocad, Mechanical-Desktop, SmartCam, PowerShape, PowerMill, IMS-Post, NC-Verify and ShopBot.




INTELLIGRAPH INC has been rewarded many times in the presigious SIEMENS PLM international contest. The contest consists in sending an HD image of a workpiece created with the NX software. Being rewarded places our business amongst the 24 industry leaders in the world. You may view our creations in the SIEMENS calendar distributed worldwide.